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Since the year 2007 seven international proficiency tests have been carried out. 336 participants from 24 countries have taken part in these quality assessment trials.

Current Proficiency Tests
Proficiency Test Phytoplankton 2015/16: 93 Participants from 14 Countries
Status: evaluation period

PT Phytoplankton 2015/1631.01.2017
The certificates and the result sheets were sent today.

PT Phytoplankton 2015/1615.09.2016
The latest preliminary information are puplished under Proficiency Test/Preliminary Information. To watch the results please log in with your e-mail and your password.

PT Phytoplankton 2015/1629.06.2016
The deadline for uploading the results is expired. The results are now being verified and evaluated. The preliminary information is expected to be announced in late August.