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Wu Y., Li L:, Zheng L., Dai G., Ma H., Shan K...   2016  Patterns of succession between bloom-forming cyanobacteria Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and Microcys...   Journal 
Olsen S., Chan F., Li W., Zhao S., Søndergaa...   2015  Strong impact of nitrogen loading on submerged macrophytes and algae: a long-term mesocosm exper...   Journal 
Karosienė J., Kasperovičienė J., Koreivien...   2014  Assessment of the vulnerability of Lithuanian lakes to expansion of Gonyostomum semen (Raphidoph...   Journal 
Annaa R., Gonsiorczyk T., Hupfer M. & Kasprza...   2014  Impact of epilimnetic phosphorus supply and food web structure on phosphorus binding forms in se...   Journal 
Talgatti D., Wetzel C.E., Morales E.A., Ector...   2014  Transfer of Fragilaria atomus Hust. to the genus Stauroforma (Bacillariophyta) based on observat...   Journal 
Tolkkinen M., Marttila H., Saukkoriipi J., Ma...   2014  pH-levels in intensively drained and peatland-dominated river basin: Paleolimnological approach ...   Journal 
Larras F., Keck F., Montuelle B., Rimet F., &...   2014  Linking Diatom Sensitivity to Herbicides to Phylogeny: A Step Forward for Biomonitoring?   Journal 
Vanderstukken M., Declerck S.A.J., Decaesteck...   2014  Long-term allelopathic control of phytoplankton by the submerged macrophyte Elodea nuttallii   Journal 
Molot L.A., Watson S.B., CreedI.F., Trick C.G...   2014  A novel model for cyanobacteria bloom formation: the critical role of anoxia and ferrous iron   Journal 
Beaver J.R., Tausz C.E., Renicker T.R., Holdr...   2014  The late summer crustacean zooplankton in western U.S.A reservoirs reflects ecoregion, temperatu...   Journal 
Sorichetti R.J., Creed I.F. & Trick C.G.   2014  Evidence for iron-regulated cyanobacterial predominance in oligotrophic lakes   Journal 
Fetahia T., Schagerl M. & Mengistou S.   2014  Key drivers for phytoplankton composition and biomass in an Ethiopian highland lake   Journal 
Deng J., Qin B.,Paerl H.W., Zhang Y., Ma J. &...   2014  Earlier and warmer springs increase cyanobacterial (Microcystis spp.) blooms in subtropical Lake...   Journal