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Trigala C., Hallstana S., Johanssona K.S.L & ...   2013  Factors affecting occurrence and bloom formation of the nuisance flagellate Gonyostomum semen in...   Journal 
Johansson K.S.L., Trigal C., Vrede T. & Johns...   2013  Community structure in boreal lakes with recurring blooms of the nuisance flagellate Gonyostomum...   Journal 
Pęczuła W., Mencfel R. & Kowalczyk-Pecka D.   2013  Among-lake variation in vertical distribution of invasive, bloom-forming algal species Gonyostom...   Journal 
Lebret K., Kritzberg E.S. & Rengefors K.   2013  Population Genetic Structure of a Microalgal Species under Expansion   Journal 
Peltomaa, E., Ojala, A., Holopainen, A.-L. & ...   2013  Changes in phytoplankton in a boreal lake during a 14-year period.   Journal 
Maileht K., Nõges T., Peeter Nõges, Ott I.,...   2013  Water colour, phosphorus and alkalinity are the major determinants of the dominant phytoplankton...   Journal 
Hallstan S., Trigal C., Johansson K.S.L. & Jo...   2013  The impact of climate on the geographical distribution of phytoplankton species in boreal lakes   Journal 
Järvinen M., Drakare S., Free G., Lyche-Solh...   2013  Phytoplankton indicator taxa for reference conditions in Northern and Central European lowland l...   Journal 
Porter-Goff E.R., Frost P.C. & Xenopoulos M.A...   2013  Changes in riverine benthic diatom community structure along a chloride gradient   Journal 
Zhou Y., Yu Q., Hang W., Zhong Wang Y., Wang ...   2013  The Distribution of Diatom in the Five Lakes along the Yangtze River   Journal 
Wiśniewska M. & Paczuska B.   2013  Dynamics of the phytoplankton community in mesotrophic Lake Borówno   Journal 
Zamyadi A., Dorner S., Sauvé S., Ellis D., B...   2013  Species-dependence of cyanobacteria removal efficiency by different drinking water treatment pro...   Journal 
Sahu V., Toppo K., Suseela M.R. & Asthana A.K...   2013  Allelopathic effect of Stichococcus bacillaris Nageli (Green Alga) on the growth of two bryophy...   Journal